Quite A Stretch Yoga & Zumba® is dedicated in making your wellness journey: 

Accessible, Inclusive & Affordable

We integrate a therapeutic approach building a safe and nurturing practice for every-BODY, while enhancing the accumulative feel great effect!  



*ALL participants must pre-register online for all of our studio/live and online offerings. 

*We observe all social distancing protocols while continuing to provide you the same quality of personalized   attention. All our studio/live class sizes are limited to five (5) persons only.

*You are required to enter our studio space wearing a mask. MASKS ARE MANDATORY DURING ALL LIVE CLASSES IN STUDIO.

*Hand sanitizer, will be offered before and after every class. 

*Quite A Stretch Yoga is using a Digital Infrared Thermometer for forehead/body surface temperature screening prior to class. YOUR wellness is our TOP priority. 

If you are experiencing any sickness, sniffles, cough, general un-wellness, please stay home and join us online. 

If you have travelled outside of Canada within the last 14 days, please self isolate and join us online.

If you have been exposed to someone with a confirmed case of covid not wearing any PPE, please self isolate for 14 days and join us online. 

*We are no longer able to provide the following equipment: mats, bolsters, eye pillows, blankets,   blocks/eggs and essential oils. You are always welcome to bring your own.


We are Hamilton's first Yoga Studio to offer Yoga for                     This practice aims to relieve physical and emotional trauma at the autonomic level by using specific yoga postures, breathing methods, and meditation practices. Yoga for Warriors is a Trauma Sensitive/Informed Yoga class that is vital in helping people who have experienced trauma to learn how to calm the mind and regain safety in their body by noticing and learning to tolerate physical sensations. Trauma Sensitive Yoga brings back a sense of empowerment and choice for people who may have felt choice-less and powerless. Yoga for Warriors is designed for people who've touched by:  PTSD, Anxiety, Stress, Addiction, Other Mental and Physical Traumas.  NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

YOGA offerings - In STUDIO & ONLINE FALL 2020

            Gentle Yoga                                                         YIN Yoga 

            New Beginner Yoga                                               Chair Yoga

            Deep Stretch                                                       Meditation & Sound Mantra

            Yoga Nidra aka SLEEP Yoga                                     Yoga for persons/caregivers with                 Restorative Yoga                                                  Acquired and Traumatic Brain Injury                 Children's ONLINE Yoga 8 week program                    Yoga for Warriors 10 week program



We also offer a 8 week Children's Yoga programs for all kids. Our space is inclusive, accessible, and a safe nurturing space for children with additional needs or on the spectrum. You do not need any experience. 

"If you can breathe

you can do Yoga"

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