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Yoga for Anxiety Stress Trauma PTSD


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Quite A Stretch Yoga
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QAS is devoted to providing anyone dealing with anxiety and insomnia, the tools of breath-work, meditation and yoga, so they can be their best self. 

Sheilah Laffan

owner / yoga therapist / ayurvedic coach
Yoga for Anxiety Stress Trauma and PTSD
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Yoga for Anxiety Stress Trauma PTSD

I'm Sheilah

Tea lover and travel mug addict, yogi, mama bear, wife, self-proclaimed maximalist, and believer in unconditional love for all.

And that's not even the interesting stuff.

Yoga for Anxiety Stress Trauma and PTSD


Sheilah creates an environment that is free of judgement and competition; we learn to focus on ourselves and our own journey.

From Yoga Nidra to Yin to Chair Yoga to Yoga for Warriors, there is something for everyone and every ability.

Tracy C.

I'm going to be 90 next April...and I really like my teacher, she's kind and gentle, and that makes a big difference. 

Shirley H.

You really are the embodiment of yoga - all inclusive, walking the walk and talking the talk. I am so blessed and humbled.

Thank you.

Janet Y.

Featured Series

Yoga for Anxiety Stress Trauma and PTSD

Our Philosophy

It doesn't matter how hard you're working out, if you're not also working in.

At QAS, we value the strength gained by working in, and provide our community with the tools of breathwork, meditation, and yoga so they can feel better in their body.

We strongly believe and support that YOGA should be accessible for all.

We offer tuition assistance for our BIPOC community and for individuals who are experiencing financial hardship.

Please enquire directly about accessing support at

Yoga for Anxiety Stress Trauma and PTSD
  • I'm practicing at home, with your Virtual Studio. What do I need?"
    Set up near a wall with clear space around you. Have your mat and props within easy reach. Improvise props if you don’t own them. Use pillows or books for a block, beach towels for blankets, scarves, belts or resistant bands for straps, a firm pillow for a bolster. A sturdy straight back chair or folding chair is handy too. If you do not have anything but a mat, no worries. If you live in or around Hamilton ON, and want to buy some props, we can help. Reach out to us for local sources.
  • I signed up for LIVE online classes... now what?
    Class confirmation emails are automated for online LIVE class offerings. You must pre-register. An email confirmation will arrive in your inbox. Timing may vary depending on when you sign up and your server speed.
  • How far in advance should I sign up for an online class?
    Consider Signing up at least 90 minutes before class time. Early registration allows mail servers with slower response times to deliver the confirmation as well as any additional time to resend invite and zoom room details.
  • I registered for an online class, but don't have the link. Help!"
    If you do not receive a link for class, please contact us at or call 905 906 8598 for support. We suggest you sign up a minimum of ninety (90) minutes before the scheduled class time. Respectfully, we are not able to react if your support request occurs 5 minutes before, or once the scheduled class time begins. Thank you for understanding. Emails correspondence will come directly from Quite a Stretch Yoga Please add this email address to your contacts to avoid emails being sent to spam.

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