Quite A Stretch Yoga & Zumba® is dedicated in making YOUR wellness:

 Inclusive, Accessible, Therapeutic & SAFE!!




We are Hamilton's First Yoga Studio to develop and offer a ten week Yoga for WARRIOR WELLNESS program.  This is a 10 week practice, offered by trained trauma sensitive and informed instructors, that aims to relieve physical and emotional trauma.


We believe in healing from the bottom up, using specific yoga postures, breathing methods, and meditation practices that support the autonomic and somatic nervous systems.  


Yoga for Warrior Wellness is a Trauma Sensitive & Informed Yoga class that is vital in helping people who have experienced trauma to learn how to calm the mind and regain safety in their body by noticing and learning to tolerate physical sensations. 


Trauma Sensitive & Informed Yoga brings back a sense of empowerment and choice for people who may have felt choice-less and powerless


Yoga for Warrior Wellness is designed for people who've been touched by: PTSD, Anxiety, Stress, Addiction, other Mental and Physical Traumas

You do not need any experience in Yoga.    COST $160 + HST

We offer FOUR, 10 week WARRIOR WELLNESS sessions. Registration Opens MARCH 21 Classes start the week of

APRIL, 18, 2021 and are held on:


There is a MINIMUM of 5 participants required for a session to run.

We have expanded our Warrior sessions to online ONLY due to COVID 19 second wave. 

Please mark your calendar and block the dates/times now. You are committed for the dates/times you've selected.  THERE ARE NO MAKE UP class opportunities NO RECORDINGS. 

WE help people FEEL BETTER in THEIR bodies

by using breath work, meditation & YOGA.