WE help people FEEL BETTER in THEIR bodies

by using breath work, meditation & YOGA. 


Written Testimonials

I have been a client of Quite a Stretch (QAS) for about 4 years and have found the yoga classes and atmosphere to be a breath of fresh air.  Sheilah creates an environment that is free of judgement and competition; we learn to focus on ourselves and our journey.  I have been to other yoga studios in the past and while the activity was focused on poses, there was little else to the sessions.  At QAS, Sheilah has stated many times that "the practice of yoga truly begins when you leave the mat" and now I understand what that really means.


Going beyond poses to create a welcome, safe space for all abilities and body types to reconnect back to our physical bodies and breath is a natural extension of the classes. As an example, during COVID, Sheilah offered outdoor classes with physical distancing (when allowed) and then moved to a virtual program offering that allows people to keep connected and continue their practice from the safety of their homes.  

From Nidra yoga, to Yin, Chair yoga, and to yoga for Warriors, there is something for everyone and every ability and I highly recommend this studio and Sheilah.

Tracy C.

Feb 3, 2021