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Quite A Stretch Yoga & Zumba® help people FEEL BETTER in THEIR BODY using breath work, meditation and Yoga!

INSOMNIA a by-product of Trauma

Quite a Stretch Yoga is excited to support anyone currently experiencing INSOMNIA.  


This is an 6-week program offered by a Yoga Therapist, who is educated and trained in trauma sensitive and informed yoga. 


We believe in healing from the bottom up, using specific yoga postures, breathing methods, and meditation practices that support the autonomic and somatic nervous systems regulation while staying within your own window of tolerance.

Participant Requirement:

  • Access to a Fitbit/Inner Balance/Smart Watch/Apple Watch over the 6-week  duration.

  • To succeed in your sleep recovery, it is expected that each learner will actively participate, implement program strategies and complete all require self-reflection and assessment tools.

  • Bottomline, we care about your wellness and desire for improved sleep. Help us, HELP YOU!

No prior yoga experience required

Investment: $282.50

OCTOBER 18, 2021 - November 22, 2021 and are held on:



There is a MAXIMUM of 12 participants required for a session to run.

 ** LIMITED SPACE in studio 6 people only  

Please mark your calendar and block the dates/times now. You are committed for the dates/times you've selected.  THERE ARE NO MAKE UP classes and NO RECORDINGS. 

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