What is Yoga Therapy?


Yoga therapy can support the management of:

  • Illness

  • Chronic/Persistent Pain, and Acute Pain

  • Trauma

  • Insomnia

For those living with physical or emotional health issues and discomfort, yoga therapy is a brave, safe and empowering option that complements all other rehabilitative therapies. Starting with Yoga Therapy supports reconnecting back to self. Healing from the bottom up with a focus on your breath work, body, mind, wisdom and soul. Yoga Therapy is a self-empowering process. Each session is unique, just for you, built to help address your goals, specific needs and health concerns.


What Goals Can Yoga Therapy Help Achieve?

  • Reconnection back to Self

  • Improvement of Sleep Hygiene 

  • Reduction of Pain

  • Recognition and Releasing of Tension, Stress and Anxiety

  • Mindfulness Increases Relaxation of Body, Mind and Spirit


What to Expect on Your First Visit?


At your first Yoga Therapy appointment, we begin with reviewing "what YOUR goals are" and the completion of an in-depth intake form and physical assessment.


You are welcome and encouraged to discuss any physical or emotional challenges you would like to address. It is important to use this opportunity to disclose your past medical history, review all medications you’re currently taking, and your current level of physical activity.


Our commitment to you is "to support YOUR goals and wellness." while exploring the most effective treatment possible.

What Conditions Can Yoga Therapy Help Treat?

  • Head, Neck, Shoulder, Arms and Wrist pain

  • Muscle tension and stiffness

  • BackHip, Knee, Ankle, Foot and Sciatic Pain

  • Stress, Anxiety, Depression and PTSD

  • Low Back Pain

  • Insomnia

  • Cancer

  • Stroke

  • Traumatic Brain Injury 

  • Acquired Brain Injury

  • Motor Vehicle Accident Rehabilitation

  • Chronic, Acute and Persistent Pain

  • Alzheimer, Parkinson's and Dementia

If you wish to receive more information and/or make an appointment, please contact us. quiteastretchyoga@gmail.com  or call us at

905 906 8598. We are located on the central mountain 672 Fennell Ave East in Hamilton, Ontario.


Yoga Therapy Prices

1 session (60 min) = $90

5 sessions package (60 min each) = $80/session

10 sessions package (60 min each) = $70/session

Yoga Therapy Services