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Approach & Advantages of The Trauma Transformation Group?

We offer client centered therapy; meaning you are a co -partner in your own care. Therapy only works if it is a partnership built on safety, mutual respect and trust between the therapists and the clients and the group. Therefore, we value and provide:

  • Informed choice and cultural/faith sensitive therapy.

  • We provide a safe, non-judgmental and empathetic therapy relationship and environment.

  • We use Integrative, Evidence based (research proven) approach and treatment models that are custom tailored to your specific concerns, goals and needs.

  • We have a Comprehensive whole person, multi-disciplined team approach to your care.

  • We believe in making therapy accessible to everyone who really wants it

What do you treat in The Transformation Trauma Group?

We Specialize in the group (& Individual*) treatment of:

• All forms of Trauma

• Accumulated or Operational Stress

• Along with the anxiety, grief, depression, self-harm, addictions & compulsive or obsessive behaviours that go with them.

* Individual therapy done as needed with group members through therapists’ individual practices

Trauma Groups We Offer:

(Group members must be 18 and over to attend)

Healing Hearts

This group is for survivors of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Childhood Sexual Abuse, and Complex Sexual Trauma

This group may be mixed gender or divided into gendered groups depending on the comfort levels of participants and participation of the LGBT2S community.

Phoenix Rising

This group is for survivors of 'General' Trauma, Acute and Complex Trauma, such as Accidents, Loss, Natural Disasters, Abuse and Domestic Violence, War, etc.

This is a mixed gender group

SHIELDS (Designed by a former veteran 1st responder)

This group is designed for first responders such as Medical Personnel, Paramedics, Police, Fire-Fighters, Soldiers/Veterans, who are experiencing post traumatic and/or operational stress or compassion fatigue due to the nature of their work

This is a mixed gender group

Why does Group Therapy work?

Evidence-based research has proven that largest benefits of group therapy care are:

  • Peers and therapists who can empathize and understand first hand what you are going through

  • A group of peers who can be a caring support network

  • A mutual understanding of the difficulty of living/surviving with the after effects of trauma

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Trauma?

There are four clusters of symptoms/effects of trauma:

1. Intrusive flashbacks/memories, nightmares or sensations and feelings from trauma event(s)

2. Avoidance/pain relief coping-survival behaviour & thinking: toward anything or any one that reminds them of the trauma

3. Cognitive and emotional impairment: intrusive feelings of anxiety, panic and lack of feeling safe, brain fog or mentally freezing when feeling stressed or anxious), anger, deep sadness, lack of motivation or enjoyment of life or usual enjoyable activities, numbness, distorted perception, thinking or beliefs-interpretations), suicidal or severe hopelessness.

4. Manifest Physical Symptoms: alternating between:

• High alert-physical response symptoms (racing heart, shaking, fast breathing, tight chest, upset stomach)

• Low alert-emotionally drained (exhaustion, weakness, numbed-lack of energy or sensation)

How does The Trauma Transformation Group treat trauma?

We use psychotherapy and art therapy combined, which evidence-based research shows has a profound advantage in reaching and healing the whole person. We Focus on:

  • An empowerment and insight psycho-education component: knowledge is power, this segment allows you to understand your experiences and symptoms

  • Art therapy segments to help the whole brain and person to be actively engaged, allowing for deeper processing of traumatic events in a non-threatening way.

  • Tool Box and skills development and practice to bring healing, and resilience during times of stress, panic, or dissociation

  • Dynamic & Supportive Group interaction and reflection times: there is no forced sharing, but this time allows you to connect with peers to reduce isolation

  • Somatic/body exercises: all trauma and stress are experienced and stored in the whole person, including their body, these exercises teach you how to recognize and respond to these stresses appropriately

We are located at Quite A Stretch Yoga & Zumba Studio at 672 Fennell Ave East Hamilton on

Friday Evenings 7-9pm. Please Call visit our webpage or Facebook Page for more information.

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